BayREN Launches Resilient Libraries Network to Bolster Community Resilience

Libraries have always been vital community hubs for learning and development, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, some have even expanded to provide critical health resources. As temperatures continue to rise and climate hazards become more prevalent in the Bay Area, libraries can also serve as integral locations to help the community stay safe during these increasingly common extreme weather events. BayREN is launching a pilot initiative to develop a network of energy efficient and resilient local libraries to deliver resources based on local needs before, during and after natural hazard-related events.

Now We're Cooking...with Induction!

Three minutes. That’s how long it can take to heat up one liter of water on an induction cooktop, compared to the 10 minutes it takes on a gas or electric stove. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of induction cooking!

Celebrating Rising Sun: Forging Paths for a Clean Economy and High Roads Jobs

Working at the intersection of economic equity and climate resilience, Rising Sun Center for Opportunity has been a force for change in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Joaquin County communities since 1994. Read more to learn about their vision to create a path for high roads jobs through their Climate Careers youth program and their partnership with BayREN.

Three Bay Area Cities ranked as some of the most energy efficient in the Country, according to recent ACEEE report

San Francisco (#1), San José (#9), and Oakland (#10) ranked in the top 10 energy efficient cities list according to the recently released ACEEE City Clean Energy Scorecards for 2021. The scorecards rank the 100 largest US cities for their efforts in building and transportation efficiency and scalability across 5 policy areas: local government operations, community-wide initiatives, buildings, energy and water utilities, and transportation.

BayREN Highlights for 2021

As we look back on the past year, we’re proud of the progress BayREN has made – and thankful for the many contributions of hardworking local government staff and our partner organizations. The following are some 2021 highlights.

A Glimpse into the BayREN Business Plan

BayREN’s “North Star” is helping in the effort to achieve California’s ambitious energy and climate goals through implementing regional-scale energy and water programs in a territory that includes 20% of the state’s population. In furtherance thereof and as recently directed by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), BayREN is drafting a 2024-2031 Business Plan.