View of 3D module buildings.

ZNE/ZNC Resources for Municipal Buildings

  1. BayREN's Resource Guide for Reducing Energy Use and Carbon Emissions from Municipal Buildings summarizes approaches, technical assistance, and funding and financial resources that can help cities and counties meet the energy goals for their buildings.
  2. BayREN Municipal Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Resources and Templates Packet: Policy analysis and template language to help jurisdictions take early action toward the State’s ZNE goals. This packet is made up of the following, individual resources:
  3. New Buildings Institute Getting to Zero Resource Hub: The Getting to Zero Resource Hub is an open-source collection of over 300 zero energy and zero carbon resources across six different topic areas: design & development, embodied carbon, local governments toolkit, codes & policy, residential, and schools.
  4. Building Decarbonization Coalition Clean Building Compass: Building Decarbonization Coalition’s Clean Building Compass provides tools, case studies and templates to help local governments navigate the climate crisis, inspire action, and network with other local government staff.
  5. State of California ZNE policy: This outlines the state of California’s zero net energy policy for new and existing state buildings.
  6. Bay Area Community Choice Aggregator/Local Government Programs: Handout on Bay Area Programs for Decarbonization of Municipal Buildings & Electric Vehicle Infrastructure.