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BayREN is launching two new public sector programs to support local governments and special districts as they work to improve the energy performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions of their public buildings. More information about the services that these programs will provide is below.  

The programs will start up in 2024. Local government or special district staff who may want to participate in one or more parts of these programs can fill out the interest form below to receive more information once it is available. 

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Program Offerings

The Integrated Energy Services Program focuses on providing holistic support for all energy-related building systems and includes the Energy Concierge as well as an Energy Roadmapping service. The Targeted Decarbonization Services Program is focused on building decarbonization and has the Decarbonization Showcase as well as a Decarbonization Education and Financing service.

Integrated Energy Services Program

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Energy Concierge

The Energy Concierge will be an objective central single point of contact to help local government and special district staff locate and access the best options for their particular public buildings project. The Concierge will identify the types of assistance (financial and technical) that a project could qualify for and assist staff with the applications. 

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Energy Roadmapping

The Energy Roadmapping Service will provide free technical and engineering support to local governments and special districts to produce comprehensive and actionable roadmaps for achieving the energy efficiency, electrification, resilience, and other energy-related goals for their buildings.

Targeted Decarbonization Services Program

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Decarbonization Showcase

The Decarbonization Showcase will enroll a small number of buildings across the Bay Area to pilot and demonstrate how different types of buildings can reduce or eliminate carbon emissions while improving their energy performance.  Data from these projects will be used to create detailed case studies to scale these approaches to other public facilities. 

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Decarbonization Education and Financing

This service will provide education for local government staff about operation and maintenance of decarbonization technologies, as well as techniques and options for financing the acquisition of this equipment.  This program will also begin to address the cost of these technologies by leveraging other funding sources and testing incentive options.

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Programs will roll out in 2024. Provide your information below if you would like to be contacted once the service is available.
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