The Birth of Regional Energy Networks

The idea for the RENs was years in the making. Learn about how a group of local government entities got together to create BayREN to fill gaps and serve hard-to-reach customers. Keep reading to learn more!

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"甄”電磁爐能煮, 你也能!

名厨甄文達將爲您介紹電磁爐烹飪的好處, 並現場示範如何利用電磁爐製作三道包含油炸, 爆炒及蒸煮烹飪手法的中國傳統美食, 提前與您恭賀新春。

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Cocinando con Sazón

Acompáñanos para una demostración de cocina con chef Zacarias de Molcajetes Bar and Grill y Nuria Casquero-Modrego de Lawrence Berkeley National Labs para aprender sobre las estufas de inducción.