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BayREN On-Line Training: Nonresidential Lighting
Healthy Housing Principles for Realtors
Home Energy 101 + Virtual Fair
BayREN and Energy Code Ace On-Line Training: HERS-Verified Quality Insulation Installation (QII)
Home Energy 101 + Virtual Fair (Cantonese)
Home Energy 101 + Virtual Fair (Mandarin)
BayREN On-Line Training: Heat Pump Water Heaters for Contractors
Energía del Hogar 101 + Feria Virtual
NAR Green Designation
BayREN Business Webinar
BayREN On-Line Training: How the Energy Code Treats Electrification
BayREN Business Webinar
BayREN On-Line Training: Heat Pump Water Heaters for Building Department Staff
BayREN Business Webinar
Green Real Estate Marketing
BayREN On-Line Training: Energy Code Refresher
BayREN and Energy Code Ace On-Line Training: Residential Energy Standards - Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

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BayREN implements energy savings programs throughout the nine bay area counties. We serve homeowners, renters, multifamily property owners, businesses and local governments.  We also support a robust and diverse workforce.

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BayREN Program Offerings


Get a Home Energy Boost

Single family residents can save energy, increase the comfort and safety of their home, and save money with the BayREN Home+ Program. A Home Energy Advisor can help residents of detached single family and up to 4 attached units receive cash rebates for installing energy efficient measures in their home. Heating, air conditioning, insulation, and other systems can all help strengthen a home’s efficiency, lower energy consumption and bills, and improve the comfort and indoor air quality. Start by taking a quick online home energy evaluation and receive an energy savings kit valued at $70.



Energy Savings and Financing for Small and Medium Businesses

BayREN has programs designed to work with the schedule, budget, and needs of small and medium commercial business property owners. BayREN will offer specialized technical assistance and financial resources to help businesses find the best approach to reduce costs and improve the quality of a building and business.


Codes & Standards

Reduce Building Energy Use Through Improved Design and Construction

BayREN assists local governments to evaluate and improve compliance with energy code and to develop options for accelerating energy efficiency. This includes providing no-cost training to building departments, funding demonstration projects, hosting quarterly regional innovation forums, and assisting Bay Area communities in developing reach codes.


Climate Friendly & Great Rebates

BayREN has electrification measures designed to move the Bay Area towards decarbonization of existing buildings, particularly multifamily and single family homes. BayREN will be adding electrification measures to complement its current energy efficiency measures with a mix of incentives, marketing and education services, trainings, and cross-promotion of companion programs for solar, electric vehicles, and financing.

Water Upgrades $ave

Low to No Cost Water Efficiency

BayREN is rolling out a Water + Energy Efficiency program in partnership with utilities throughout the Bay Area. The program provides on bill financing, which means you pay for your upgrades with the savingsyou get, for common water efficiency measures such as irrigation, faucets, and efficient toilets. Find out if your home is elligible.