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BayREN is Redesigning the Single Family Home+ Program

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BayREN’s Single Family Home+ program aims to serve moderate-income and hard-to-reach residents in the Bay Area. The program is being redesigned to better achieve the goals of health, comfort, safety, and savings through energy upgrades for these target populations. The new Single Family program will be designed to complement existing programs, and is anticipated to launch in the late fall or winter of 2024. 

In the interim, BayREN is sunsetting the current rebate offerings in a phased approach. The first wave of phase outs will begin on April 15th, 2024 and includes rebates for Heat Pump Water Heaters and Heat Pump HVACs. Alternative homeowners rebates are available through TECH and Golden State Rebates.

The second wave of the rebate phase out will begin in the fall of 2024. Exact date will be announced in the summer of 2024. Current rebate amounts are reflected on each rebate page and can be found here:

Contractors: Given these changes, BayREN is no longer accepting contractor enrollment into the BayREN Home+ program. If you are interested in electrification or fuel substitution incentives, please look into TECH and Golden State Rebates offerings. 

BayREN remains dedicated to helping the Bay Area achieve energy savings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and foster a more sustainable future for the Bay Area. For questions on the program changes, please contact us at