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Local Government Resources

BayREN helps the Bay Area’s local governments reduce energy and water use for a more cost-effective, sustainable and resilient future.

We support local governments by:

  • Offering training and resources related to energy code compliance and enforcement
  • Providing no-cost engineering technical assistance to help municipal buildings to reach Zero Net Energy or Zero Net Carbon goals
  • Assisting local governments with efforts to develop, adopt and enforce local energy reach code ordinances
  • Organizing quarterly Regional Forums for Bay Area local governments on a variety of topics related to energy policies
  • Providing water utilities with a turnkey water efficiency program to help your customers save water and money

Judicious use of our natural resources ensures a longer, healthier life on our planet. Local government staff — we’re here to help you play your part.

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Code Compliance

BayREN Codes & Standards makes it easier for building departments to understand and enforce energy code requirements.

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Energy Policies & Reach Codes

Find BayREN resources for developing and adopting reach codes and other energy policies.

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Zero Net Energy/Zero Net Carbon Assistance

BayREN provides local governments with free engineering assistance to save energy and money and reduce the carbon footprint of municipal buildings.

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Water Efficiency

BayREN’s Water Upgrades Save program offers municipal water utilities a proven way to promote water efficiency — and to help your customers save money.

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Your County Lead

Your county’s BayREN lead advocates for your county’s needs and provides your jurisdiction with outreach and training.

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Get Reports

See BayREN’s regulatory filings and other reports.

Surveys & Reports for Building Departments

Building department staff and others can use these resources to learn about the barriers to energy code enforcement and efforts to measure code compliance: