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Energy Policies & Reach Codes

Energy policies and reach codes are tools local governments can use to reach climate action and energy goals.

Reach codes can be complicated. BayREN has put together information, resources and tools to support your work on energy policies and reach codes:

How to Adopt a Reach Code

For those getting started with reach codes, BayREN provides information on legal requirements, the reach code process and the steps and timeline. Get started

Model Reach Codes for the 2022 Code Cycle

A number of model reach code ordinances are available for local jurisdictions that want to require energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions beyond California Energy Code requirements. Compare model codes

Existing Buildings

Addressing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from existing buildings will be essential to meet state and local goals. Find resources

Housing Elements and Energy

Local governments updating their Housing Elements can improve housing quality and affordability and also strengthen their approach to climate action by ensuring their Housing Elements address energy.  Get started

Zero Net Energy/Zero Net Carbon Resources 

Find  resources for municipal Zero Net Energy/Zero Net Carbon projects and planning. Find resources.