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Water Upgrades $ave is a proven, turnkey water efficiency program for Bay Area municipal water utilities. The program installs water-saving improvements that the customer pays for through their utility rate savings on their water bill. Water Upgrades $aves allows utilities to manage customer demand without adding staff or raising capital.


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About the Program

Municipalities with their own utility can use Water Upgrades $ave to meet state and local policy goals, support underserved customers (low- and moderate-income customers and renters), and produce water and energy savings on the customer side of the meter. The program can be customized to supplement or replace current indoor and outdoor water conservation efforts to best meet each municipality’s needs.

A  BayREN Water Upgrades $ave administrator manages program funding, marketing, operation, installation, and customer service while giving utilities the power to control which customers to target and the extent of utility-wide demand reduction. 

Water Upgrades $ave helps water managers:

  • Manage water supply and meet State regulations.

  • Help improve affordability and reduce the risk of nonpayment and bad debt.

  • Provide customers a water efficiency tool that does not rely on rebates or up-front costs.


Pilot Partners


Town of Windsor

Windsor Efficiency PAYS® has provided field services starting in October 2012 for single and multifamily residential housing including indoor plumbing fixtures and outdoor turf conversion to drought tolerant landscapes. Commercial landscaping services launched in December 2014 including installation of weather-based irrigation controllers and irrigation system repairs.


  • Averaged 20% indoor water savings and 10% energy savings per household.

  • Saved single family participants an average of $170 per year on their utility bills.


Windsor Efficiency PAYS® met its program goals and is no longer enrolling participants. 

Town of Windsor Testimonials


“I knew I would probably save a little when I signed up for the program, but I am amazed by how much. Our first bill (bi-monthly) was reduced by $76.00 after installing just the basic measures for our two-person home.” 

―Windsor resident


"It's (PAYS) a wonderful program! My family saved
$86 on our first bill.”

―Windsor resident

City of Hayward Testimonials


"Green Hayward PAYS® was an easy way to upgrade our property and save money on our utility bill. I’d recommend this program to other multifamily properties."

-  Sandro Fornesi, Owner of Plaza
Verde and Eden Apartments


“For a small property like mine, Green Hayward PAYS® was a great way to install money and water saving fixtures." 

- Alfredo Campos, Property Manager


Green Hayward PAYS® began offering multifamily residential indoor and multifamily/commercial landscaping field services in August 2015. Services included indoor plumbing fixtures, common area energy improvements that deliver savings to the property owner (lighting, hot water distribution, etc.), and weather-based irrigation controller installation. 

  • Project size: range from 5+ units (have done large scale projects)


Green Hayward PAYS® met its program goals and is no longer enrolling participants. East Bay Municipal Utility District


East Bay Municipal Utility District

EBMUD WaterSmart On-Bill Program has provided multifamily residential indoor and single-family, multifamily, and commercial landscaping components approved for test projects, with field services available since July 2016.




Image courtesy of EBMUD.