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For Licensed Contractors - Become an Energy Expert

Your customers are talking about saving energy and water, lowering utility bills and protecting the environment. 

When you partner with BayREN and become an energy expert, you turn talk into action by encouraging energy-saving products, upgrades and cash-back rebates for homeowners.  

  • We will train you, at no cost, about energy efficiency and homeowner rebates
  • You get listed as a vetted professional in our Find a Contractor database
  • BayREN conducts marketing and outreach for our contractors across the Bay Area

We are committed to creating more business opportunities for you. 

Overview: Partner with BayREN

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When you click on the "Register now" link, you’ll navigate to our partner-vendor website.

Read the instructions and answer a few questions. You’ll get an email to authenticate your account.

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Download Paperwork

After you receive your authentication email, log back in.

You’ll be asked to upload documents such as your license, signed agreement, insurance, etc. 

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Attend Trainings

There are 5 required training sessions before becoming a participating contractor.

Find training opportunities on our partner-vendor website.

If you register and we don't hear from you, we will reach out and guide you through the process.

When you're done, our contractor services team will help you complete your first project.

Or, feel free to reach out directly by contacting Contractor Services using the following information:

More Contractor Incentives

Heat Pump Water Heaters for a $1,000 Rebate

BayREN is offering an incentive up to $1,000 - direct to you - for installing high efficiency heat pump water heaters (HPWH).

Become a Home Energy Score Assessor for a $200 Rebate

BayREN’s HES program is certified by the Department of Energy and helps homeowners understand their home’s energy use, before they begin a project.