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Residential Electrification in the Real World: Navigating Panels and Permits

Thursday, December 7, 2023
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
BayREN Regional Forum December 7, 2023 - Residential Electrification in the Real World: Navigating Panels and Permits


California and local governments have ambitious building decarbonization goals. Translating those goals into real world conditions will be necessary for success. This forum explored several hurdles to residential electrification, including electrical panels and building permits, and ways to overcome them. Attendees learned more about how to tell when an electrical panel needs to be upsized, options for electrifying on existing panels, and how building permits and zoning codes may be modified to remove barriers for heat pumps. Understanding these issues can help jurisdictions streamline options for residential decarbonization, reducing costs and challenges for staff and residents alike.

Welcome and Introductions
Emily Alvarez, StopWaste/Alameda County BayREN Representative | Watch recorded presentation

Panel Optimization and Electric Service Upsizing:

Overview of Panel Optimization for Electrification
Abhijeet Pande, TRC | Watch recorded presentation

Lessons Learned in San Mateo
Tom Kabat, Good Gridizen | Watch recorded presentation

Electrical Infrastructure Challenges in Multifamily Electrification Retrofits
Jack Aitchison, AEA | Watch recorded presentation

Addressing Panels through Policy
Laura Feinstein, SPUR | Watch recorded presentation

Q&A - Panel 1 | Watch recorded presentation

Equipment Siting and Permitting:

Projects That Make it vs Projects That Don’t: Two Apartment Case Studies
Eric Morrill, All-Electric California | Watch recorded presentation

Removing A Known Barrier: Zoning Changes to Help Electrify Existing Homes
Ori Paz, City of Menlo Park | Watch recorded presentation

Heat Pump Water Heater Permitting Pilot
(Presentation) Nancy Barba, Frontier Energy | Watch recorded presentation
(Presentation) Karen Kristiansson, BayREN | Watch recorded presentation

Q&A - Panel 2 and Closing Remarks | Watch recorded presentation

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