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BayREN’s 2024 – 2031 Strategic Business Plan is Paving the Way for Equity-oriented Energy Programs and Ushering a New Statewide Offering


San Francisco, CA – The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has approved the Bay Area Regional Energy Network’s (BayREN) Business Plan for the next 8 years, marking a pivotal role for energy efficiency in the Bay Area. With a 4-year budget (2024 - 2027) of $171 million, BayREN aims to bolster energy efficiency and electrification efforts through new equity initiatives, an expanded portfolio that includes public sector, refrigerant replacement and workforce programs. BayREN was also approved to be the lead of a statewide Home Energy Score program, the first time that a non-utility has been selected as lead. The Business Plan builds upon BayREN’s track record of success and incorporates feedback from a multitude of engaged stakeholders. Beyond supporting California with its aggressive climate and energy goals, BayREN has an increased focus on identifying and addressing barriers to energy efficiency and decarbonization in hard-to-reach, disadvantaged, and underserved communities.

The approved budget ushers a recommitment to equity for BayREN, as 60% of the four-year funds ($102 million) are allocated to equity programs. As a REN, a critical focus area is designing programs that provide value for underserved populations. For BayREN, two existing programs – Single Family (Home+), and Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancements (BAMBE) – will continue to be focused on equity and will be joined by two new programs including the BayREN Refrigerant Replacement Program (BRRR) and Climate Careers.

Notably, 21% of the budget ($36 million) is dedicated towards market support, aiming to foster the long-term success of the energy efficiency market through enhancing supply, partnerships, enabling innovation and accessibility, and creating access to capital. Programs that fall under this category include Green Labeling and Water Upgrades Save, with two new programs – Integrated Energy Services (IES) and Targeted Decarbonization Services (TDS).

The approved funding provides certainty for program administrators and contractors and reaffirms California’s commitment to prioritizing climate action. We are excited to give our existing programs makeovers, bring new programs to life, and provide resources at the regional level. “With the approval of the Business Plan, the CPUC has taken bold action to ensure that all California ratepayers are served by energy efficiency programs. The role of BayREN and other RENs – including the new Rural REN - across the state as an effective model for program delivery to those that have been traditionally left out of energy programs, has been confirmed. I could not be more proud of BayREN’s work the past ten years and am excited for the future!” says Jenny Berg, BayREN’s program administrator. This is an exciting time for BayREN and our partner RENs as we push towards our collective goal of creating a greener, more resilient California!

To read BayREN’s Strategic Business Plan (2024-2031), please visit this page.

To access the CPUC’s decision authorizing energy efficiency portfolios, please refer to this document.

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About BayREN: The Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) is a coalition of the Bay Area’s nine counties — a network of local governments partnering to promote resource efficiency at the regional level, focusing on energy, water and greenhouse gas reduction. BayREN offers resource efficiency programs for residents and small businesses. To learn more, visit: