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Introducing BayREN Business FLEXmarket: Empowering Bay Area Small Businesses to Thrive and Save on Energy Costs

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San Francisco, California – June 19, 2023 - The Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) is thrilled to announce the opening of the BayREN Business FLEXmarket rebate program. Developed in partnership with Recurve, county representatives, and other stakeholders, this initiative is designed to support eligible small businesses across the nine Bay Area counties.

The BayREN Business FLEXmarket program is a game-changer for business owners, offering them an opportunity to significantly reduce their energy expenses and reinvest the savings into their operations. What sets this program apart is that incentive payments are directly tied to the actual energy savings achieved. For business owners, actual energy savings mean actual reductions in utility costs. For contractors, they can earn even more compared to traditional rebate programs.

Traditionally, many businesses face barriers to participating in incentive programs due to lack of capacity, capital, and other reasons. However, with the BayREN Business FLEXmarket, these challenges are being overcome. By offering generous rebates for reducing energy consumption, this groundbreaking initiative aims to deliver unprecedented energy savings for businesses that have been underserved in the past.

Not only does the BayREN Business FLEXmarket benefit individual businesses, but it also supports California's ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals. By incentivizing energy efficiency, we are collectively working towards a greener and more sustainable future. The program achieves this by aligning incentives with actual energy savings, ultimately reducing costs for customers, and providing contractors with exciting opportunities for energy efficiency and demand response projects.

“As the economic recovery from the pandemic continues, energy efficiency projects are an opportunity to reduce utility bills for businesses,” said Cara Bautista-Rao, program manager for the BayREN Business FLEXmarket. “The program gives contractors and businesses more flexibility to install energy efficiency projects that deliver deep energy savings.”

“Recurve has seen marked success with similar partnerships supporting the grid and putting money back into people’s pockets,” said Matt Golden, CEO and Co-founder, Recurve. “I’m confident in the success and scaling of BayREN Business FLEXmarket and what it will provide to the Bay Area counties.”

The benefits of the BayREN Business FLEXmarket extend to all stakeholders involved. Customers can look forward to reduced energy bills and improved efficiency, while the community as a whole will experience increased grid reliability and reduced carbon emissions. Contractors and energy efficiency solution providers will be rewarded with higher payments for the value they bring to the grid. Furthermore, BayREN ensures that contractors receive an advance payment of 20% of the estimated incentive for installed projects, offering financial security and peace of mind.

If you're a contractor or energy efficiency solution provider eager to explore the exciting opportunities offered by the BayREN Business FLEXmarket, we invite you to visit to learn more and get involved. Together, we can make a significant difference in promoting energy efficiency, supporting local businesses, and building a more sustainable future for the Bay Area.


About BayREN: The Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) is a coalition of the Bay Area’s nine counties — a network of local governments partnering to promote resource efficiency at the regional level, focusing on energy, water and greenhouse gas reduction. BayREN offers resource efficiency programs for residents and small businesses. To learn more, visit:

About Recurve: Recurve's open-source platform and revenue-grade data creates demand flexibility markets that enable virtual power plants, giving utilities and aggregators the confidence they need to treat distributed energy resources as grid assets. In its mission to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy, Recurve integrates behind-the-meter demand flexibility resources into the emerging carbon-free energy grid, providing companies with the real-time transparency needed to revolutionize the way energy efficiency is measured, deployed, and procured. By paying for actual hourly metered performance, Recurve's market model dramatically reduces red tape, makes flexibility more lucrative for aggregators, and opens the door to a wide range of technologies and business models to better serve customers. Recurve is accessible across the United States and growing globally. To learn more about Recurve, visit



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