BayREN is electrifying the Bay Area. Learn more about how to layer more savings for your home.

Programs to Electrify Homes

In 2020, BayREN has expanded its programs with electrification measures designed to move the Bay Area towards decarbonization of existing buildings, particularly multifamily and single family homes. BayREN has added electrification measures to complement its current energy efficiency measures with a mix of incentives, marketing and education services, trainings, and cross-promotion of companion programs for solar, electric vehicles, and financing. Find out more below.

Home+ Electric Pathway

Direct to Homeowner Rebates for a set of electrification measures.

Heat Pump
Water Heaters

Stand alone or additional rebate paired with Home+ available for heat pump water heaters (HPWH).





Multifamily Clean Heating Pathway

Additional incentives are available to multifamily property owners switching from gas fueled space heating and cooking appliances, to cleaner, highly efficient electric alternatives.

HPWH Incentive

Now is the ideal time to switch to
heat pump water heaters

Big incentives are available to licensed contractors and homeowners in the Bay Area for replacing natural gas or propane residential water heaters with high efficiency heat pump water heaters. 

  • Contractors may qualify for incentives up to $1,000 for completed residential HPWH installations. Learn more.

  • Homeowners may qualify for BayREN’s $1,000 Home+ incentive, as well as other local and federal rebates and credits. Learn more. 

  • Looking for an urgent water heater replacement? Browse qualified contractors. 

Why make the switch?

A heat pump water heater is clean, safe and all-electric. It works like a refrigerator in reverse. It uses electricity and a refrigerant to take heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the water in the tank.

Switching from a gas water heater to a heat pump water heater can: 

  • Save energy and money

  • Eliminate indoor gas combustion, improving the home’s air quality and safety

  • Reduce air pollution

  • Reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change

  • Help homeowners with solar electricity systems transition to 100% electrification


Multifamily Clean
Heating Pathway

Multifamily property owners can receive additional incentives for switching from gas fueled space heating, water heating and cooking appliances to cleaner, highly efficient electric alternatives. The Clean Heating Pathway requires at least 3 eligible measures and at least 0.25 tonne reduction in CO2 per unit. The program is designed for properties that wish to demonstrate climate leadership by deeply reducing the carbon emissions from energy use in their buildings.

Home+ Electric Pathway

As part of the BayREN Home+ program, single family homeowners can receive incentives for installing highly efficient electric space heating, water heating,
clothes drying and induction cooking ranges. These incentives can be used in conjunction with other local County, Community Choice Aggregators and utility rebates to maximize savings and create a cleaner environment inside the home and outside.

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