Energy Savings Toolkit

Your free, custom Energy Savings Toolkit is full of great products that can reduce energy use in your home. 

LED bulbs, power strips, water-saving aerators and shower heads — up to $70 in value — will help save energy and reduce your monthly bills. 

Once you sign in and share your home evaluation survey results, your free kit will be shipped within one to four weeks.

Steps for Free Tool Kit

  1. Have your PG&E bill ready to create a BayREN account. You’ll need to fill in the first 10 digits of your PG&E account number.
  2. Create your BayREN account. Fill in your information along with your PG&E account number.  Hit the “Register” button when you are done. 
  3. You’ll immediately get a “Home Evaluation” questionnaire to determine the energy needs of your home. It’s full of important tips and information about energy efficiency. 
  4. Once you complete the home evaluation and answer all the questions, you’ll receive a report containing individualized recommendations.
  5. We’ll email about the next steps of getting your kit.

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Available Items in Your ToolKit

Two Faucet Aerators
Faucet Aerators

Receive up to two. Faucet aerators can save as much as half your water usage, while lowering your bill.

Power Strip.
Advanced Power Strip

One TrickleStar© advanced power strip. Prevent energy use when your devices are idle, cutting your energy waste.

Kitchen Sink Faucet Aerator
Kitchen Sink Aerator

One aerator. Save an average of 6,000 gallons of water each year from your kitchen sink alone.

LED lightbulb.
LED Light Bulbs

Up to five Energy Star® light bulbs for general lighting. More energy efficient and last thousands of hours longer.

3-Spray shower head
3-Spray Showerhead

One showerhead for your bathroom. An average family could save a potential 2,700 gallons per year.

Young toddler seating in the front porch with adult and dog.
Homeowner Rebates

We’ve got more energy saving products that include rebates and savings for homeowners.