Contractors & Assessors

Become a BayREN participating contractor or assessor and get better leads and more projects!

Become a Participating Contractor

BayREN operates a range of energy efficiency, electrification, and other resource programs for homeowners, commercial businesses, multifamily properties and local governments. BayREN is enrolling contractors for all of its programs. Select the program you are interested in below to find out about eligibility and program details. 

As a BayREN contractor or assessor, you will get support for developing leads, skills training, and access to other regional workforce resources. 



The Home+ Program provides a range of energy efficiency rebates to single family homeowners. 

Home Energy Score Assessors

Help homeowners understand how efficient their homes are using the Home Energy Score Assessment.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Get direct incentives for installation of Heat Pump Water Heaters for property owners. 

Water Upgrades $ave

BayREN's water efficiency program will be enrolling plumbers and
contractors this fall.