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Simple Water Efficiency

Lower your utility bill

and save water!

Water Upgrades $ave makes it easy for customers to install indoor and outdoor water efficiency upgrades, such as showerheads, aerators, and high-efficiency toilets. Participants have upgrades installed through vetted contractors with little to no up-front costs. Upgrade costs will be covered by a monthly charge on your bill that will be less than the estimated savings. So you will start saving money right away!

The program also helps municipalities and communities be more resilient in the face of drought. 

The Program is rolling out through the Bay Area and is currently only available for customers of the City of Sebastopol Water Utility.


4 Easy Steps!

Step 2. Free Assessment

Schedule your free assessment online to learn about potential water savings and what measures you can install.

Step 3. Pick Upgrades

You can choose from a range of water saving measures including new showerheads and toilets to make your home more efficient and save money.

Step 4. Install

A program contractor will then install your improvements and make sure they are operating correctly. 

Learn about our COVID protocols.

Start Saving!

You will see your savings immediately!


If you are a Sebastopol Water Customer enroll online or call 877-846-8795. 

Others, complete our interest form to learn when you can join.

COVID-19 Protocols

Your health and safety are of the utmost importance to the Water Upgrades $ave Program Team. To that end, we strongly encourage all customers to adhere to State and local COVID-19 rules and regulations. This means following all CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and personnel safety best practices.

It is out of concern for this safety that our employees and partners will wear CDC-advised personal protective equipment throughout their assessment and maintain appropriate social distancing whenever possible. In addition, all equipment used during our assessment is disinfected after each home visit to reduce the spread of any germs. We respectfully request that while our employees are on your property, you and other present parties wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth and adhere to safety requests from our trained professionals.
Please check out the CDC's site here for helpful information. Additional information for BayREN can be found here.

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BayREN implements energy savings programs on a regional level in collaboration with the nine bay area counties.

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