The Switch is On

Switching to electric home appliances can improve air quality, lower energy costs, and reduce your carbon footprint. Join the Switch!

About The Switch is On

BayREN is part of a statewide coalition to help advance the use of electric technology in our homes. Electric appliances can improve our indoor air quality, lower our energy costs, and reduce our carbon footprint. From heating and cooling, water hearing, and cooking, there are many ways to make the Switch. 

Make your Home Energy Efficient

Choose electric appliances that are 3 – 5 times as efficient as their gas counterparts. Now that’s efficient.

Improve your Indoor Air Quality

Switch to electric appliances and avoid harmful air pollutants produced when burning gas or propane.





Save on your Energy Bill 

When you use less energy, you spend less on your energy bills. With efficient electric appliances, you can save on your monthly bills.

Help Protect the Environment

Ditching gas appliances lowers local pollution and carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. Your appliances make an impact.

Make your Home More Energy Resilient

In a power outage, most modern gas appliances still require electricity to operate. An electric backup system can prepare your home to be energy resilient.



Make the Switch

Going electric at home positively impacts your family, community and state. Visit the to learn more about electric technologies, resources for contractors, rebates, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

Electric Appliances- your New Best Friend