Trump says Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Make Him Look Orange

By CNN: President Donald Trump claims that energy efficient light bulbs make him look orange - one in a series of bizarre claims about green energy and climate conservation in remarks to Republican House members in Baltimore.

Light bulbs have been a common target for the President who has used them as a symbol to criticize energy and environmental restrictions. Federal regulators in the Trump administration lifted energy efficiency regulations earlier this month for several common types of light bulbs, which critics believe is the administration's latest assault on efforts to combat climate change and energy use.

In more encouraging news, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in August unanimously revised the "three-prong test", increasing the ability to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of electric appliances in "fuel switching" scenarios, such as replacing natural-gas fired appliances with more efficient electric models. If the CPUC determines electrification measures adhere to the fuel-substitution rules, BayREN could begin offering incentives for heat pumps, helping you save money and the environment.

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