PAYS® On-Bill Efficiency Program

The BayREN PAYS® (Pay As You Save®) program is a joint effort of Bay Area cities and counties and their water agencies to partner in the implementation of a unique on-bill program that allows municipal water utility customers to pay for efficiency improvements through a monthly charge attached to their meter, with no up-front costs and the assurance that their utility bill savings will exceed the program charge.

With PAYS, utilities can rapidly increase customer participation in resource efficiency programs with minimal cost and risk to the utility. PAYS can help utilities:

  • Serve all types of customers (single and multifamily, commercial, and municipal)
  • Increase program effectiveness to meet or exceed program goals
  • Free up existing rebate funds so they can be used for more strategic purposes

BayREN PAYS Partner Utilities

BayREN programs access untapped markets by harnessing the collective power of local government action and provide a channel for local governments to implement large scale, cross-sector programs, and foster neutral-energy management strategies.

  • Town of Windsor: Learn more about Windsor Efficiency PAYS®
  • City of Hayward: Learn more about Green Hayward PAYS®
  • East Bay Municipal Utility District: More information about EBMUD WaterSmart PAYS coming soon
  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission: Program development ongoing

How PAYS Works

PAYS on-bill programs certify contractors and products to deliver projects that will produce enough customer bill savings to cover the costs of installation, capital, and program management. An independent Program Operator typically supports the Utility with Contractor oversight and project quality assurance activities to ensure proper measure installation and provide for data tracking and reporting. The Utility may use internal resources, or a third-party Capital Provider, to fund the up-front costs of measures. All program costs are paid back over time by the Customer.

  • A Certified Contractor markets the program, identifies qualifying measures for each project, installs those measures, and is paid by the utility upon successful installation.
  • The Customer pays monthly program charge as long as they remain at the premises and the product functions.
  • The Utility uses a Program Operator to provide oversight, bill program charges, collect payments from customers with program measures, and coordinate repayment to internal accounts or the capital provider.
Graphic of the
				Efficiency PAYS Model

For More Information

For more information about PAYS, contact us at 707-565-5379 or

Partner Utility Program Highlights

Windsor Efficiency PAYS®

Windsor has developed its PAYS program to include the following services:

  • Single family and multifamily residential indoor plumbing fixtures and turf replacement/drought tolerant landscaping (launched in 2012)
  • Commercial irrigation system retrofits and weather-based irrigation controller installation (launched in 2014)

In its first 18 months of residential services, Windsor’s program:

  • Served over 5% of Windsor homes.
  • Averaged 10% energy savings and 20% indoor water savings per household.
  • Saved single family participants an average of $170 per year on their utility bills.
  • Retrofitted over 50% of eligible multifamily units.

For more information:

Green Hayward PAYS®

Hayward has focused its PAYS program on the multifamily sector, launching services in 2014 that include:

  • Multifamily residential indoor plumbing fixtures and common area energy measures that deliver savings to the property owner (lighting, hot water distribution, HVAC upgrades, etc.).
  • Multifamily and commercial weather-based irrigation controller installation.

BayREN's extensive program support has included development of the full Hayward program design (read more in the Green Hayward PAYS Concept Paper) and ongoing technical support during implementation.

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