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The TECH Clean California Initiative and the Switch is On Campaign Push for Cleaner and Healthier Homes in California

Last December’s launch of the TECH Clean California initiative (TECH) marks new statewide opportunities for residents to take clean energy and electrification measures at home. Established by SB 1477 and overseen by the California Public Utilities Commission, the initiative is a $120 million undertaking designed to support the state’s carbon neutrality goal by 2045. The statewide initiative works by driving market adoption of efficient space and water heating technologies for single family homes. TECH will also help provide comprehensive workforce training and development that support multifamily property owners, engineers, and contractors on the benefits of electrification, design and specification, and product training. Additionally, TECH-enrolled contractors can earn rebates of at least $3,000 per installation of a heat pump heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system or heat pump water heater (HPWH). In most Bay Area jurisdictions, TECH rebates can be layered with BayREN rebates for significant savings. The TECH initiative will dedicate 40% of the program benefits to driving equitable decarbonization efforts in low-income and disadvantaged communities.  

The Switch is On (SIO) statewide education campaign launched in parallel to the TECH initiative, and also aims to promote the benefits of home electrification. The campaign is a collaborative effort supported by BayREN and other partners to highlight existing electrification programs. Through a central website, the Switch is On provides access to one-on-one advisors, a contractor directory, information about incentives, and other educational information. BayREN incentives and other important Bay Area rebates can be found on the site. Learn more about the campaign here.