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BayREN Launches Incentive Budget Tracker in Anticipation of the Single Family Home+ Program Sunset

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BayREN’s Single Family Home+ program is undergoing a redesign to better serve moderate-income and hard-to-reach Bay Area residents by focusing on health, comfort, safety, and energy savings. The revamped program will be more targeted and is expected to launch in winter 2024, complementing other existing energy programs. The current offering will sunset on October 31st, 2024, or when the rebate budget is exhausted, whichever comes first.

Current rebate amounts can be found on the Rebate Home Page. 

To keep the public informed, BayREN launched the Incentive Budget Tracker on June 17, 2024. This tool provides weekly updates on the budget status, including:

  • Budget used, both spent and reserved for upcoming projects
  • Budget available
  • Percentage of budget remaining 

The tracker will be updated every Tuesday, and is intended to help customers and contractors assess the remaining budget and manage their home upgrade projects accordingly. 

Moving forward, customers are encouraged to use The Switch is On Incentive Finder Tool to discover rebates they may qualify for beyond BayREN offerings.

The current program also supports the Home Energy Advisor service, offering free and unbiased advice on home upgrade projects using BayREN rebates and other energy programs in the Bay Area. This service will follow the same sunset timeline but will provide flexibility for project close-out support.

Information for Contractors: Due to these changes, BayREN is no longer accepting contractor enrollments into the BayREN Home+ program. Contractors interested in electrification or fuel substitution programs should consider TECH and Golden State Rebates for partnerships.

BayREN remains committed to helping the Bay Area achieve energy savings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and foster a sustainable future. For questions regarding the program changes, please contact us at