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BayREN Business Plan

The BayREN Business Plan provides a ten-year vision, with clear goals, strategies, and tactics to increase the access and availability of energy efficiency services to a broad range of ratepayers and sectors, including moderate income residents, multifamily property owners, small and medium commercial businesses, and local governments. This Plan enhances and expands the BayREN’s efforts in the Residential, Commercial, and Public Sector. In addition, the BayREN Business Plan provides two cross-cutting sector chapters: Water-Energy Nexus and Codes and Standards. The Plan provides details and information about how the BayREN will complement and support Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E), Marin Clean Energy (MCE), and local government partnerships efforts to create a full range of energy efficiency services to the Bay Area. As a ten-year Plan, the strategies and tactics are designed to be flexible and broad enough to allow for agility and responsiveness to market challenges and demands, while offering a transparent presentation of the BayREN’s approach, budget, and metrics. To read the Plan, download it HERE.