Municipal Programs

The BayREN Municipal Program provides unique strategies and tactics to support Bay Area local governments to become leaders in advanced energy practices. BayREN is expanding it successful Codes & Standards pilot and tap the State Buildings Zero Net Energy (ZNE) initiative led by the Department of General Services.

BayREN Municipal Programs

Codes & Standards

The BayREN Codes & Standards (C&S) Program is a joint effort of Bay Area cities and counties to achieve full compliance with provisions of the California Energy Code. This ambitious and engaging local program aims to:

  • Establish metrics to evaluate compliance with existing energy codes.

  • Identify and deliver targeted training for those involved in energy code enforcement.

  • Accelerate energy code compliance throughout the region.

The C&S Program is a locally driven effort of local governments to reduce energy use in buildings through improved design and construction. The program is administered jointly by each of the nine Bay Area counties and ABAG.


Advanced Energy Management & Decision Support

BayREN will provide agencies with a strong level of control and understanding of their facilities enabling them to increase participation in other ratepayer programs, fully engage with State energy policies, and provide leadership to their communities. It complements existing and proposed programs and services, including LGP programs, PG&E’s proposed job order contracting program and energy information programs.


The service incorporates three elements:

  1. Regional procurement of BEMS

  2. Training for staff and contractors in those systems

  3. Centralized monitoring and evaluation of a regional portfolio of BEMS-controlled facilities and decision support analysis to encourage investments and policies by reducing uncertainty and financial risk


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Jurisdictions can use BayREN Programs?

BayREN programs are available for any local government jurisdiction in the nine bay area county region (San Francisco, Alameda, San Mateo, Solano, Napa, Sonoma, Santa Clara, Contra Costa, and Marin Counties). 

How do I find a BayREN Representative?

Contact your County BayREN representative. A list of contacts is provided on the Contact Page. 

How do I find out more information about the BayREN Forums?

Check out this website for details and contact information for more details about upcoming forums. 

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