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Water Efficiency Upgrades

Save Money and Water with Water Upgrades Save for Homeowners!

Save money and save water ― with water efficiency upgrades from participating water utilities.

BayREN’s Water Upgrades Save program helps homeowners and single-family renters install water and energy efficient upgrades — like high-efficiency toilets, showerheads and aerators. You’ll see little-to-no upfront cost and a monthly utility-approved on-bill charge that is significantly lower than the estimated savings. So you start saving right away!

Our vetted contractors install your upgrades. You upgrade your home — and save water and energy.

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A Simple Offer
  • Save more than you pay
  • Little-to-no upfront cost
  • No new debt
  • No credit check
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It’s Easy!
  • Select your upgrades
  • Installation by program contractor
  • Pay a charge on a lower water bill
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Lasting Rewards!
  • Immediately lower your utility bills
  • Upgrade your home
  • Save water and energy

How to Participate

It’s simple to use less water and save money, while doing your part to ease the drought.

Find your participating water utility to enroll, or sign up to find out when you can join:

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Enroll in Sebastopol

Sebastopol’s water utility is proud to offer Water Upgrades Save to our community. Complete the form to get started.

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Other Water Utility Customers

Water Upgrades Save is currently enrolling Bay Area water utilities. Request to be notified when your water utility joins the program.

How to Upgrade and Save

Step 1. Enroll

In Sebastopol, complete this form to enroll or call 877-846-8795. Customers in other water districts can sign up to find out when you can join.

Step 2. Get a Free Assessment

Schedule your free home assessment to learn about potential water savings. 

Step 3. Choose Your Upgrades

Including high-efficiency toilets, showerheads and aerators, and low-water-use landscaping.

Step 4. Schedule Your Installation 

Schedule a date and time that works best for you and a qualified program contractor will come to install your upgrades.

Step 5. See Water Savings

You’ll see savings immediately because you’ll use less water and energy!

There’s little-to-no upfront cost, no new debt, no lien and no credit check. If you move, the charges and savings apply to the people who come after you!