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Regional Forum - Connecting Housing and Energy: Implementing Energy Efficiency and Electrification in Multifamily Buildings

Wednesday, June 8, 2022
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Bay Area cityscape photo for BayREN Regional Forum - June 8, 2022


This forum focused on how multifamily housing can connect with energy efficiency and electrification efforts, from policy considerations to technical approaches. Speakers discussed case studies of multifamily building projects and addressed how energy improvements and electrification affect costs, as well as opportunities to layer funding.

Welcome and Introductions
Deborah Elliott, Napa County BayREN Representative | Kellen Dammann, Marin County BayREN Representative | Watch recorded presentation

Methods of Integrating Across Initiatives – Putting Integrated Planning and Collaboration into Practice
Michael Germeraad, Metropolitan Transportation Commission | Watch recorded presentation

Policy Considerations for Accelerating Electrification of California’s Multifamily Buildings
Heather Larson, StopWaste | Watch recorded presentation

Technical Guidelines for Accelerating Electrification of California’s Multifamily Buildings
Jack Aitchison, Association for Energy Affordability | Watch recorded presentation

Q&A - Panel 1 | Watch recorded presentation

BayREN Resilient Libraries Network Initiative & Workshop
Aleka Seville, BayREN Consultant | Watch recorded presentation

Case Studies
Ruth Lopez, Community Land Trust Association of West Marin | Watch recorded presentation
Mehmet Alademir, Mission Housing Development Corporation | Watch recorded presentation
Diana Sacks, Northern California Land Trust | Watch recorded presentation

Q&A - Panel 2 | Watch recorded presentation

Leveraging Energy Efficiency and Electrification Funding for Projects
Amy Dryden, Association for Energy Affordability | Watch recorded presentation

Closing Remarks | Watch recorded presentation

Other Resources: Resources Handout | Panelists and Audience Q&A log (Excel file)

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