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Energy Target and Benchmark Tool Demonstration

Tuesday, July 7, 2020
11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

This webinar will introduce BayREN’s Energy Target and Benchmark Tool:  what it is, how to use the tool to benchmark a building, and how to use it to prioritize upgrades in a portfolio. We’ll discuss how the tool complements existing practices including meeting Title 24 and compliance with state and local energy benchmarking requirements.

State and local benchmarking laws require tracking building energy use - but don’t specify usage targets. Energy codes require efficiency - but don’t require projects to set targets for energy use or cost.  The Energy Target and Benchmark Tool is a free web service that can be used to connect the dots between energy design and energy practice. The tool can be used to:

  • Set an energy target - and put that target into context with other common goals including typical expected performance under the California Energy Code and more efficient targets, such as the 2030 Challenge or zero net energy)
  • Quickly assess the feasibility of zero net energy
  • Benchmark actual energy use against the target

Though the tool can be applied to any building, the webinar will zoom in on the municipal sector, exploring three example applications of the tool:

  • Municipal facility design in San Francisco
  • BayREN-provided ZNE assessment and design assistance for an individual facility
  • Benchmarking and prioritizing action within a portfolio

To learn more about the tool, visit the Energy Target and Benchmark Tool page.