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Decarbonization - Implications for the Gas System and What Local Governments Are Doing

Tuesday, March 21, 2023
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Hybrid (Online and In-Person)

Yerba Buena Room (Bay Area Metro Center)
375 Beale Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States

BayREN Q1, 2023 Regional Forum March 21, Decarbonization - Implications for the Gas System and What Local Governments Are Doing


Many local jurisdictions have been working to decrease the use of natural gas in buildings in order to meet energy and climate goals. Some are considering when natural gas use should be stopped completely, proposing “end-of-flow" policies to drive electrification and planning for the retirement of the natural gas system. Attendees learned about the legal, technical, regulatory, and financial dimensions related to ending natural gas use, which will influence energy codes and policies moving forward. Speakers examined the challenges and issues involved, the role of local governments, and opportunities to collaborate with state agencies and utilities to ensure the energy transition is timely and equitable.

Welcome and Introductions

Barry Hooper, City and County of San Francisco BayREN Representative | Avana Andrade, County of San Mateo Office of Sustainability BayREN Representative | Watch recorded presentation

Panel 1: Building Decarbonization and the Natural Gas System

Local End of Flow
Veronika Vostinak, City of Half Moon Bay | Watch recorded presentation

Building Electrification: Regulatory Landscape
Beckie Menten, Building Decarbonization Coalition | Watch recorded presentation

Long-Term Gas Planning and Decarbonization
David Sawaya, PG&E | Watch recorded presentation

Q&A - Panel 1 | Watch recorded presentation

Panel 2: Local Government Action and Approaches

Tactical Gas Decommissioning Paired with Targeted Electrification: Site Selection and Pilot Program Development
Claire Halbrook, Gridworks | Watch recorded presentation

Planning for Neighborhood Block Electrification: Albany’s Approach to Implementation
Michelle Plouse, City of Albany | Watch recorded presentation

Public Engagement and Beyond: Santa Monica’s Framework for Decommissioning
Ariana Vito, City of Santa Monica | Watch recorded presentation

Q&A - Panel 2 and Closing Remarks | Watch recorded presentation

Other Resources: Panelists and Audience Q&A log (Excel file)