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BayREN and Energy Code Ace C&S Training: 2022 Single-family Standards, HERS-Verified Quality Insulation Installation (QII)

Wednesday, March 1, 2023
9 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

This course focuses on prescriptive quality insulation installation (QII) requirements in the 2022 Energy Code for new single-family buildings of any size and additions greater than 700 ft².

This presentation helps:

  • Designers and architects create projects that meet QII
  • Energy consultants clarify the minimum requirements and schedule of inspections the team needs to succeed when the Certificate of Compliance (CF1R) calls for QII
  • Contractors coordinate with HERS raters and subcontractors on inspection dates and other QII requirements
  • Building departments support QII projects at plan check and inspection to ensure the QII process goes smoothly
  • HERS raters communicate with the construction team on how to prepare a project to meet QII requirements during HERS inspections

Course Objectives:

  • Identify quality insulation installation (QII) requirements that may be unique or atypical for single-family construction
  • Recognize how a project should start off on the right foot with good documentation in the design drawings to support QII
  • Organize construction team for the QII construction inspection schedule and understand what the HERS rater will evaluate
  • Discover additional resources available to learn more about QII (HERS providers, HERS raters, Energy Code Ace)

CEUs Available:
ICC: 0.1
AIA: 1.0

Training developed and offered in partnership with Energy Code Ace.

Target Audience: Building Department Staff, Contractors, and Building Professionals

Building Department Staff
Building Professionals