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BayREN Codes & Standards on-demand trainings are recorded on-line trainings that can be accessed at any time. As opposed to “on-line” trainings, which are conducted live, individuals can access “on-demand” trainings at their convenience at any time. Like onsite and live on-line, on-demand trainings are approximately 60–90 minutes long and ICC certified (0.1 CEU).

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Heat Pump Water Heaters

For Building Departments

Course Title
2022 Energy Code Heat Pump Water Heater Training for Building Departments

Heat pump water heaters (HPWHs) are an increasingly popular technology that are a highly efficient means of providing hot water to houses. This training will describe HPWHs, when HPWHs are allowed under the 2022 Code, code requirements for installation, and how to complete compliance forms.

Topics Covered

Overview of water heater technologies and trends, identifying HPWHs in the field, Energy Code requirements for HPWH installations and replacements, Energy Code compliance forms, and requirements specific to HPWHs.

Heat Pump Water Heater 2022 Energy Code Assistance Sheet: Download the PDF.

Target Audience
Building Department Staff
Short Course (60-90 mins)

For Contractors

Course Title
ESMAC/TECH Heat Pump Water Heater Trainings for Contractors

BayREN no longer offers an on-demand Heat Pump Water Heater training for contractors.  Ongoing live contractor training webinars are being offered by the Energy Star Manufacturer’s Action Council together with TECH California.  These webinars are two hours long and cover installation, service support, troubleshooting, selling strategies, and more.

Target Audience