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County Contacts

County representatives bring BayREN resources to local jurisdictions through community outreach and training opportunities. Contact your local rep to learn more about how to access BayREN resources.


If you want to get information about a particular program, please refer to program contacts below.


Find your County Representative:


Jennifer Berg

BayREN Administrator

(415) 820-7947

Demian Hardman

County Lead: Contra Costa County

(925) 674-7826

Deborah Elliott

County Lead: Napa County

(707) 259-5969

Susan Wright

County Lead: San Mateo County

(650) 363-4372

J. Paul Harrington

County Lead: Solano County

(707) 864-1855

Karen Kristiansson

Program Lead: Codes & Standards

(415) 778-5260

Emily Alvarez

Program Lead: Green Labeling

(510) 891-6585

Jeffery Liang

Program Lead: Single Family

(415) 778-5298

Candis Mary-Dauphin

County Lead: Alameda County

(510) 891-6553

Dana Armanino

County Lead: Marin County

(415) 473-3292

Lowell Chu

County Lead: San Francisco County

(415) 355-3738

Tonya Veitch

County Lead: Santa Clara County

(408) 993-4766

Tanya Narath

County Lead: Sonoma County

(707) 565-1594

Lowell Chu

Program Lead: Business

(415) 355-3738

Candis Mary-Dauphin

Program Lead: Multifamily

(510) 891-6553

Chris Cone

Program Lead: Water Upgrades $ave

(707) 565-8031