Commercial Programs

BayREN helps businesses of all sizes get the energy savings they want.

BayREN Commercial Programs

SMCB Performance Advisor

One-Stop-Shop Support!

The Small Medium Commercial Business (SMCB) Performance Advisor is a business support resource and a link between local governments, small businesses, and energy efficiency service providers and contractors. It is a “one-stop-shop” to:


  1. Qualify and enroll sites into the BayREN Pay-for-Performance Program;

  2. Promote and link existing utility programs when desired (e.g. direct install programs offered by PG&E) and financing programs; and

  3. Provide expert technical assistance and customer and contractor engagement, one-time and/or ongoing.



BayREN offers microloans to small and micro businesses who need assistance with co-payments for energy efficiency projects. BayREN understands that small business often have tight operating budgets and BayREN can offer loans for small amounts as little as $500 (or even less) to help make energy efficiency upgrades more affordable. BayREN provides this financing through local mission-driven lenders who offer very low cost or zero percent interest loans specifically for small businesses to fund co-payments for energy efficiency projects that utilize existing incentives, helping to spend down existing direct install rebate budgets and obtain additional savings from mature program infrastructure.


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