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Energy Codes & Standards Best Practices and Resources

Energy Codes & Standards Best Practices and Resources

This page provides a list of online resources relevant to energy and green building codes and standards compliance and enforcement in California and local jurisdictions.

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Bay Area Resources

  • BayREN Regional Resources

 BayREN Codes & Standards 2016 Activites. This document provides a detailed account of Codes & Standard activities planned for 2016

• 2016 Title 24, Part 6 Energy Code Residential and Nonresidential Permit Guides for Re-Roofing, Windows and Water Heater Alteration, Nonresidential Mechanical, Lighting Alterations, and Acceptance Testing, and Model Water Efficient Landscapes: BayREN 2016 Energy Code Permit Guides (these permit guides can be customized for local jurisdictions by sending an email to

 BayREN Codes & Standards 2016 Annual ReportThis report provides a detailed account of 2016 C&S Program activities and, based on the outcomes, identifies areas of stakeholder interest and service gaps to inform 2017 activities.

Final Report and Energy Code Resource Guide for the 2014 Permit Resource Opportunity Program (PROP). This Report represents the collaborative efforts of the nine San Francisco Bay Area Counties and 15 Bay Area building departments to learn about energy code enforcement barriers and challenges, identify successful enforcement strategies, and gather data about the impact of discrepancies on building performance. 

• 2016 Title 24, Part 6 Energy Code Residential and Nonresidential Process Flow Charts:
     Residential New Construction and Additions Compliance Process Flow Chart
     Nonresidential New Construction and Additions Compliance Process Flow Chart
     Nonresidential Fenestration Compliance Process Flow Chart
     Nonresidential Mechanical System Ventilation Compliance Process Flow Chart


California Resources

  • Title 24 manuals and forms

•   Energy Standards Hotline | (800) 772-3300 | Full contact list

•   Energy Code Ace: California Statewide Codes & Standards Program website to help you meet the requirements of Title 24, Part 6
    Title 24 Forms Ace  

•   Title 24, Part 6 | Residential & Nonresidential
    2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings (PDF)

•   Title 24, Part 6 | Residential
    2016 Residential Compliance Manual & Documents (PDF)

•   Title 24, Part 6 | Nonresidential
    2016 Non-Residential Compliance Manual & Documents (PDF)

•   Title 24, Part 6 | Residential Lighting
    What's New in the 2016 Code? Residential Lighting (PDF)

•   Title 24, Part 6 | Residential & Nonresidential
    2016 Reference Appendices (PDF)

•   Title 24, Part 11 (CALGreen) | Residential & Nonresidential
    2016 Green Building Standards (HTML), 2016 Green Building Standards (PDF)

  • California Energy Education Center

•   Energy Efficiency Listservs

•   California Building Standards Commission

•  California Building Energy Code Compliance (CBECC) Software
    2016 Nonresidential Compliance Software (CBECC-COM) | 2016 Residential Compliance Software (CBECC-RES)


Training Resources

•  For BayREN developed trainings, view our Training page here.

•  PG&E

•  California Building Officials (CALBO)

•  California Association of Building Energy Consultants (CABEC)

•  California Energy Commission Online Resource Center

•  Energy Design Resources (EDR)

•  California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP) Certified Lighting Appliance Test Technician courses

•  Build It Green

•  Energy Code Ace

•  CBECC-Com (California Building Energy Code Compliance) Nonresidential Buildings Software 


Archived Resources

Visit the archived resources page to view 2013 Title 24, Part 6 Energy Code resources.