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Codes & Standards Overview

Codes & Standards Overview

The BayREN Codes and Standards program is a joint effort of Bay Area cities and counties to achieve full compliance with provisions of the California Energy Code. This ambitious and engaging local program will:

   ♦  Establish metrics to evaluate compliance with existing energy codes
   ♦  Identify and deliver targeted trainings for those involved in energy code enforcement
   ♦  Accelerate energy code compliance throughout the region

This program is a locally driven effort of local governments to reduce energy use in buildings through improved design and construction. The program is administered jointly by each of the nine Bay Area counties and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG). Funding for the program is provided through the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

2016 California Building Energy Efficiency Standards

California's Building Energy Efficiency Standards are updated on an approximately three-year cycle. The 2016 Standards went into effect on January 1, 2017.  Learn more here...

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BayREN Codes & Standards 2016 Annual Report

BayREN is pleased to release the Codes & Standards Program 2016 Annual Report. This Report provides a detailed account of Codes & Standards activities and, based on the outcomes, identifies areas of stakeholder interest and service gaps to inform 2017 activities. Since 2013, the Codes & Standards Program has engaged with 80 of the 109 jurisdictions in which the BayREN C&S Program is offered. For more details, and to download a copy of the report, please click here. 


BayREN Trainings

BayREN trainings are designed to educate both local officials and the private sector building community in key aspects of code compliance and enforcement. Training topics are offered as a series and each training series addresses specific energy code compliance strategies and best practices. Trainings can be delivered as one 60-90 minute Short Course or as a 3-4 hour Long Course. 

To request trainings for your organization, please complete the Training Request Form here and email a copy to
A complete list of training topics and details can be found on our Trainings page here


BayREN Regional Forums

In 2017, BayREN will hold 4 Regional Forums around the Bay Area on a variety of topics with a focus on higher level policy and program design issues on energy efficiency and energy code compliance. To see the complete list of upcoming Forums and our past Forums, click here.


BayREN Zero Net Energy Assistance for Municipal Buildings

BayREN is providing zero net energy (ZNE) engineering analysis to support local governments to lead by example in their own facilities. With a focus on municipal buildings that are already funded for construction, BayREN works closely with city staff, contractors and design teams to help identify ZNE retrofit/renovation opportunities from both an engineering and cost perspective. For more details and sign up, please click here.


BayREN Surveys

The BayREN Codes & Standards team developed an online survey tool, using the Survey MonkeyTM platform, designed to collect information needed to characterize the barriers and best practices associated with improving compliance with the Title 24 Part 6 Energy Code, establish current (baseline) levels of compliance with the 2008 Energy Code, and identify key metrics that can be used by building departments to monitor compliance improvement, beginning with the 2013 Energy Code, effective July 1, 2014. At the end of the four (4) week survey period, all responses were collected within the survey platform and the results were compiled and analyzed. Key findings from the survey can be read here in the BayREN C&S Survey Report. 


C&S Program Goals

  • Examine existing energy code compliance rates in the Bay Area
  • Assist in the creation and sharing of best practices for increasing compliance with Energy Code
     and Green Building standards
  • Direct Bay Area building professionals to existing trainings, and create additional trainings
     where gaps exist
  • Promote “reach codes” that strengthen local agency efforts to improve energy
     efficiency standards and encourage greater use of renewable and sustainable materials
     in building construction


Target Audiences

Public sector (local government building and planning department staff) 

  • Chief Building Officials
  • Permit Technicians
  • Plans Examiners
  • Building Inspectors
  • Planners

Private-Sector (permit applicants): 

  • Designers
  • Contractors
  • Energy consultants