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ePermit Tool

This interactive tool provides information and suggested code-compliant permit language for three of the most common types of home projects:

  • Replacing a hot water heater
  • Replacing or adding new windows
  • Replacing all or part of a roof

The ePermit Tool is a free user-friendly online tool developed by the Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN). The ePermit tool is appropriate for use by applicants and can help make the application process smoother, more accurate and more successful. It offers users definitions of technical terms, guidance on code requirements, draft language for permit applications and links to permit forms.

We can also customize the ePermit tool for your jurisdiction—see below for more information.

Launch the ePermit Tool

Get information and building permit forms for three of the most common home projects.

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Watch the webinar introduction to the ePermit tool for building departments and local governments. View slide deck

Benefits to Local Jurisdictions 

The ePermit Tool helps eliminate or reduce common errors and discrepancies during the permit application process without disrupting or significantly changing a Building Department’s standard operating procedure. 

The ePermit Tool can help homeowners learn about permitting and energy code compliance for common home repairs and alterations without needing to call or step into the building department (lessening the burden of staff). The Tool provides definitions of potentially unfamiliar industry-specific terms (e.g. U-Factor, Fenestration), links to supplemental resources, and, most importantly, a downloadable copy of the compliance form(s) required for their building project, along with the required project information to include on the permit form.

The ePermit Tool can also increase awareness of Energy Code requirements and help improve energy code documentation and building performance.

Customized ePermit Tool

Create a free customized ePermit Tool for your community and streamline the permitting process by connecting the homeowner directly to your Permit Center and providing jurisdiction-specific answers to potential questions.

With the customized ePermit Tool, building departments can add your jurisdiction’s logo, link the user directly to the Building Department or Permit Center webpage and include downloadable versions of jurisdiction-specific resources.

Request Customization: Complete the form to get started.

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