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Bay Area Resilient Libraries Network Initiative

The Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) is launching a new initiative designed to develop a network of energy efficient and resilient local libraries that can also function as Community Resilience Centers (CRCs) to deliver resources before, during and/or after natural hazard related events based on local needs.

The Resilient Libraries Network application process will open on June 28th and applications will be due by Friday, September 30th at 5pm.

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Benefits of Participation:

  • Join a network of Bay Area libraries working to improve community resilience based on local needs.
  • Community engagement and facilitation support to develop community driven goals for your Community Resilience Center.
  • Receive free engineering technical assistance and recommendations to identify energy upgrades needed to improve your library building's efficiency, resilience, and ability to provide cooling and clean air.  
  • Work directly with resilience funding and finance experts to identify relevant funding sources to support your Community Resilience Center and implement recommended energy upgrades.


Pre-application Support

*BayREN is partnering with the Bay Area Climate Adaptation Network (BayCAN) to provide a limited amount of local outreach and facilitation support for applicants who are also BayCAN members to help engage community members in the development of Community Resilience Center goals. Applicants interested in this support will be connected with BayCAN staff following the workshop to discuss how BayCAN can support your efforts. Not a BayCAN member? Check out the BayCAN website or reach out to admin@baycanadapt to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member.

Resilient Libraries Network Initiative
  • November 2022 – Initiative Kick Off Meeting

    • Kick off convening for selected participants and initiative partners

  • November 2022 – September 2023 – Development of Site Assessments

    • BayREN’s technical assistance team will work directly with City/County Leads to conduct site assessments and develop recommendations for energy upgrades

  • January 2023 – October 2023 – Resilience Funding and Financing Support and Guidance

    • Participants are matched with resilience funding and finance experts who identify relevant funding and financing opportunities to integrate into site assessment reports based on energy upgrade recommendations

  • November 2023 – Network Implementation Meeting

    • Wrap up convening to share lessons learned and present final site assessment reports and funding and financing recommendations to initiative participants


Eligibility to Participate

  • The pilot is open to Bay Area cities and counties.*
  • Each application must include a Bay Area City or County staff member who will act as the Local Government Lead and primary point of contact for BayREN.
    • Local Government Lead - Acts as the primary point of contact for BayREN and participates in participant convenings. This must be a city or county staff member who can connect BayREN with necessary energy use information about the library site to complete the site assessment.

BayREN encourages applicants to build a "CRC Team" of relevant stakeholders that the Local Government Lead can partner with to both develop community driven goals for their CRC and implement energy upgrades and other activities to realize these goals. 

Examples of stakeholders that could join the CRC Team include but are not limited to:

  • Community members, representatives and/or residents that will co-develop the goals for the CRC and provide guidance on local community needs.
  • Library staff at the library site that can co-develop goals for the CRC and provide guidance on community needs and existing library resources and priorities.
  • County Office of Emergency Services (OES) staff that will co-develop goals for the CRC and provide insight on how to coordinate this initiative with existing OES

Please contact Aleka Seville at with any questions.

*BayREN serves all Bay Area cities and counties who are PG&E customers for electricity and/or gas distribution. The City of Healdsburg and the City of Palo Alto have their own utilities that provide both electricity and gas distribution and therefore are not eligible to participate in this pilot. Jurisdictions that purchase electricity through a CCA are eligible to participate.