BayREN Programs

BayREN programs access untapped markets by harnessing the collective power of local government action and provide a channel for local governments to implement large scale, cross-sector programs, and foster neutral-energy management strategies.

A current quarterly report for all BayREN programs is available for download below.*

*Monthly reports will be updated by the 15th of the next month. Data available September 2014 to present.

Highlights of BayREN Programs:

Single Family:

  • A Home Upgrade Advisor unit provides free step-by-step technical assistance to consumers and contractors. Advisors may refer rate payers to additional Bay Area energy and water efficiency programs. Contact an advisor at or call 1-866-878-6008.
  • BayREN is an administrator of the Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade program in the nine Bay Area counties. Home Upgrade offers a menu of upgrade options with deemed savings to earn homeowners rebates up to $3,000 and an additional rebate of $150 for combustion safety testing.
  • Provides an additional $300 rebate for whole-home energy audits for homeowners who have participated in the Advanced Home Upgrade program.
  • Recruits, trains and qualifies Specialty Contractors for program participation.
  • Provides regional and local marketing, education and outreach activities for customers and contractors.


  • Offers rebates of $750 per unit for multifamily building upgrades.
  • Targets outreach to multifamily property owners to promote Energy Upgrades.
  • Offers comprehensive technical assistance to multifamily property owners to identify and prioritize energy upgrades, qualify for rebates, and access appropriate programs.

Codes and Standards:

  • Promotes an integrated, measurement‐driven management process for enhancing energy code compliance.
  • Establishes code compliance baselines for select jurisdictions in the nine-county Bay Area. The Permit Resource Opportunity Program (PROP) establishes energy code compliance baselines, and identifies best practices and areas for improvement relevant to the specific needs of local building departments.
  • Offers targeted training based upon identified baselines to institutionalize regular, actionable feedback to local officials.
  • Organizes bi-monthly regional forums addressing high level program policy and program design issues on energy efficiency and energy code compliance.

Financing Portfolio Subprogram:

  • Develops and launches regional public agency−led financing portfolio.
  • Offers multiple financing options to assist diverse consumers undertake energy projects.
    • Funds the Multifamily Capital Advance Program.
    • Funds the Pay‐as‐You‐Save® On‐Bill Energy/Water Efficiency Pilots.
    • Supports Commercial PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Projects.