January 5, 2023

BayREN Through the Years

From providing home upgrade rebates to residents to piloting resilience programs for local libraries, BayREN has been up to a lot in the past 10 years! Scroll through our slides to read the accomplishments.
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Filling Gaps in the Bay Area

BayREN was approved as one of the first Regional Energy Networks (RENs) in California. RENs have unique directives to fill gaps that utilities are not serving, develop programs for hard-to-reach communities, and pilot innovative and scalable initiatives.

BayREN team in conference room

Success in Numbers

In just two years, BayREN launched five programs serving residential, commercial, and local government sectors. These efforts  upgraded nearly 10,000 homes and provided $8 million in rebates.

graphic showing 9518 housing units upgraded in bay area

Launch of Commercial PACE Pilot

The Commercial PACE program was launched to increase the uptake of financing options for energy efficiency upgrades in commercial buildings. Through this program, BayREN provided advanced contractor training, education, and project development support with the intentions to respond to the barriers of PACE in the Bay Area.

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Home Efficiency for Renters

Approximately half of Bay Area households rent their homes. Providing energy efficiency upgrades to multiunit buildings allows BayREN to cater to a vast Bay Area population. In 2016, the BayREN’s Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancements program provided $15,000,000 in rebates for completed projects in over 20,000 units.

graphic of renter units upgraded

Design Assistance for Municipal Buildings

BayRENs Municipal Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Technical Assistance Subprogram provides design assistance to construct buildings that use as much energy as they produce. In 2017, BayREN worked on six projects for various municipal building types, including recreation centers, animal shelters, youth centers, and emergency dispatch center.

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Reaching Milestones

After 5 years, BayREN helped to upgrade 39,000 housing units and disperse $40.4 million in incentives through residential rebate programs. BayREN began offering Home Energy Score Assessments to help residents understand their home energy use, costs, and provide solutions to improve home efficiency. By upgrading building components such as heating and cooling we can reduce emissions and provide energy and water savings, which contribute to healthy, happy people and resilient communities.

housing units upgraded by BayREN

Fuel Substitution Measures

BayREN became the first program administrator to offer fuel substitution measures (the switch from natural gas to electricity), a critical step towards decarbonization and reaching California’s climate and energy goals.

cookinh on induction stove

Providing Opportunities for Youth

BayREN partnered with Rising Sun Center for Opportunity to support Climate Careers, an innovative “earn and learn” program that trains local youth to provide residents with no-cost energy and water efficiency services called Greenhouse Calls. As the energy sector continues to grow, programs like this can help grow the energy workforce in California.

data on residents served by Rising Sun

Water Savings in Sonoma County

BayREN launched the Water Upgrades Save program in Sebastopol and Cloverdale. The program is tackling the drought and helping residents save water and money with efficiency upgrades by delivering an annual water reduction of 30% in multifamily homes and 20% in single family homes.

20% annual water savings created by Water Upgrades Save program

Healthy Homes for Asthma Patients

An estimated 4,950 Contra Costa residents visit an Emergency Department for asthma related issues each year. The Asthma Initiative was designed to provide education and home energy efficiency assessments to referred asthma patients through County Health Services.

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Supporting Resilience in Local Libraries

Six local libraries were selected to participate in the Resilient Libraries Network. The pilot initiative provides technical consulting to help the buildings become Community Resilience Centers and provide safety amid increasingly common extreme weather events.

6 participating libraries in resilient libraries network

2023 and Beyond

The BayREN coalition has accomplished so much in the past 10 years. To date, BayREN has helped to avoid 156 million tons of carbon, upgrade 60,695 housing units, provide $55.4 million incentives. As the energy, building, and climate nexus continues to evolve, we are confident the next 10 years will be a valuable opportunity to make the Bay Area greener and more resilient.